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A Commoner's Nest, Zidke, Maharashtra

This house is all about the aspirations of a common man. A biology professor, from Zidke, a small village in Maharashtra hesitantly approached us to design his dream home, within a tight budget constraint given beforehand. Being a keen landscape enthusiast himself, we thought of giving him a simple NEST nestled within his tiny green grove.

Working hard towards pledging 'Affordable Luxury' to the common man through our architectural design, we could build this abode at an extremely reasonable construction cost.

Lined by a dense foliage of peripheral mango trees and vibrant bougainvilleas, the house sits on a robust basalt stone bed beneath, overlooking nearby paddy fields and neighboring traditional village homes.

Emphasizing function over form, the design ensures compact internal planning, giving a sense of luxury, but at affordable costs, further strengthened through a minimalistic external appearance.

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