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Barefoot school of Craft, Goa

Competition Winning Entry - Second Place, at Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa

Brief was to design an affordable, replicable, easily buildable module for a School promoting local crafts. Our Intent was to showcase the built-form as a live ILLUSTRATION, as one of the Goan Crafts

Conceptualizing on the idea of Build, Learn and Earn, where the natives build it, learn in it as also earn a livelihood through it.

The school was envisioned as a composition of two linear pavilions, one housing the classrooms / exhibits, the other housing a large multipurpose space, the two separated by a green court. These pavilions are planned on a replicable cost effective grid of 4.5m, thus giving the flexibility of adapting to various site conditions, creating multiple iterations of the same base plan.

The two pavilions were envisaged as an EPITOME of the regional architectural style, using the native materials, availing local labour of masons/craftsmen, sensitizing to the tropical climate.

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