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The Urban Oasis- House for the new normal (Post Covid)

Recreating a tropical paradise, on a tiny land parcel on a busy indian street, the Urban Oasis has an enigmatic live facade that transforms seasonally. This compact home is conceptualized on Net-Zero and productive architecture, for practising a self-sustainable healthy lifestyle. The soul of this house is an open-to-sky central court, weaving together a journey of multi-functional habitable spaces staggered at various levels, opening onto several terraces and balconies, providing various vistas. With abundance of natural light and purified air, through filters of the native greens, this abode would always feel fresh and lively, springing-up pleasant floral surprises. Come, get your hands dirty, tend your lil garden, grow your own food, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Product                                                 Brand        


  1. Wooden Cabinet                             At-tin Studio, Mumbai

  2. Argos Wooden Chair                        Magari, Bengaluru

  3. Kalam Tables                                   Anantaya Decor, Jaipur

  4. Lotus Floor Lamp                               Mianzi, Delhi

  5. Iris Indigo Dhurrie                             N Square, Hyderabad

  6. Tilly rectangular Cushion                    N Square, Hyderabad

  7. Noir Petite Planter                             Fleck, Noida

  8. Shunya Ceramic Plates                      Patterned Studio, Mumbai

  9. Tropical Jungle Wall Decal       , Mumbai

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