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1604, A Tropical Paradise, Ahmedabad 

Conceptualized as an extension to an existing residential apartment in Ahmedabad, this next-door 1800 sq.ft. spacious apartment, encompasses an entertainment-cum work space with a lavish home lounge, a home office and two guest bedrooms. 

Taking clues from mother nature, this space was consciously crafted with hues of a tropical rainforest. The voluminous entertainment lounge personifies a tropical rainforest, with hues of emerald greens and teak wood, giving a notion of a dark yet comforting space, perfectly suited for enjoying a movie on a widescreen alongside family and friends, alongside a glass of wine. The lounge has been broken down into two sets of seatings, one crafted as an ambience for an audio-visual space, with acoustic considerations, while the other one as a low casual seating, neighboring the adjacent bar. The bar, otherwise a hidden cavern, unnoticed, unfolds itself, while entertaining friends, reflecting the entire space through its mirrored panels. 

This home-extension also meets the emerging inevitable need of a home office, which the client has been thoroughly using in these testing ‘work from home’ times. The vintage ambience, primarily in salvaged teak wood panels duly complemented by hints of beige through lime plastered walls, with crisp furniture selections recreates the old-school genre of an office space of the 1970s. 

While the two guest bedrooms, with hues of mint green and celestial blue respectively, create their own lil minimalistic havens, their overall aesthetics ties up with the overall home essence.

The powder room, a pompous lil cave of fuschia, with black and white chevron floor transcends one into another parallel world temporarily.

The overall home aesthetics aims at crafting a biophilic indoor space, through the act of destressing, rejuvenating the inhabitants via a metaphorical visual connect with nature through various creative interpretations of mother nature.

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